Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Renewable Energy Educational Bursary for Indigenous Students

Gunn’s Hill LP is offering bursaries intended to promote the success of Ontario’s indigenous students involved in post-secondary education and job training related to the renewable energy industry. The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm was commissioned in November 2016 and is the first wind farm in Ontario that is owned by an indigenous community (Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation), a renewable energy co-operative (Oxford Community Energy Co-op Inc.), and a wind energy developer (Prowind Canada Inc.). The Gunn’s Hill LP supports renewable energy development in rural communities in conjunction with community co-operatives and indigenous communities.

Two bursaries, each totaling $4,000.00 CAD, are available annually, to be distributed to indigenous students enrolled in training or studies related to the renewable energy industry. The application deadline for 2017 is September 10.

For more information, please view the application documents below.