Land is in sight. Become a partner.

Do you want to take responsibility for the future of our environment? Are you interested in financial opportunities? Do you want to become a shareholder in renewable energy projects? Collaborate with us and become a project partner. Use our business model and our expertise to develop green energy on your land.

Renewable energy projects require levels of capital that are not always easily accessible to landowners and other stakeholders. Prowind is always looking for opportunities that offer involvement with renewable energy, and we are able to offer the financial support that is necessary. With your ideas and our experience, we can develop successful sustainable projects, together.


With you from the very beginning.

At Prowind, we encourage active community participation in renewable energy projects. We offer an integrated and comprehensive approach to renewable energy development by leading your projects to success together with communities. We support all members of the community involved in the planning, development, construction, and operation of the clean energy project.

What we can do for you:

  • we will work with you to develop your local community energy project
  • we help you explore options for local renewable electricity production, such as: net metering, virtual net metering, feed-in-tariff, and other distributed generation projects.
  • we will help you to achieve responsibility towards your environment and your community
  • we support you through public consultation with the involved communities and offer support in public engagement

Clean energy also has other sides to it:

Canadian Wind Energy Association, American Wind Energy Association, and the Canadian Solar Industries Association, for example.

Further information on renewable energy can be found at CanWEA, AWEA, and CanSIA. Here, you can find related information and peer viewed studies.

Corporate Partners

Accountability Drives Our Company.

The success of a company is no longer solely dependent on economic factors; social and environmental solutions factor into a company’s corporate responsibility. At Prowind, we ensure all renewable energy facilities are developed in a socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible manner. As a project investor, we can help you achieve your goals of sustainable growth through the development of clean energy projects.

Wind energy has enormous potential. Over the past decade, total installed wind power capacity in the Americas has grown at an exponential rate.

Together with Prowind, you can profit from this growth.

Invest now in a project, where the biggest growth is yet to come. An investment in Prowind projects, which are chosen for their quality and growth capabilities, means a competitive return and considerable security. Prowind offers companies and private customers uniquely developed participation and investment possibilities through the limited partnership model.

Find out how to earn high investment yields from renewable energy facilities. Contact us to learn about our renewable energy projects and opportunity for investment.

We ensure:

  • you are moving forward as a sustainable enterprise, accountable for the environment and the community.

  • you are supplied with green energy from your community.

  • you have security for your electricity costs for the long term.


We value open communication.

We are deeply committed to the implementation of renewable energy projects, and we understand the variety of perspectives within the renewable energy field. We appreciate diverse experiences and encourage continuous learning through respectful dialogue. We remain loyal to our belief in the benefits of renewable energy and maintain support for sustainable growth. We also highly respect the various advocates which make these projects successful.

These advocates include:

  • local residents, who share the energy sources available in their community.
  • banks, who provide financial support for community energy.
  • construction companies, who help to tangibly shape the future.
  • authorities, who observe objectivity.
  • consultants, who provide their expertise for people and nature.
  • cooperation partners, who encourage effective collaboration.
  • suppliers, who help to ensure success on site.
  • politicians, who create the basis for sustainability.
  • associations, who make themselves strong stakeholders in large communities.