Corporate Brochure

A brief introduction to Prowind Inc., including two case studies on the community-owned Gunn’s Hill and Emsdetten Wind Farms.

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Community Energy Partnerships Brochure

A brief introduction to Prowind Inc., including descriptions of our unique development process and our focus on community partnerships.

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Industrial Net Metering Brochure

A brief introduction to Prowind Inc., with details on the opportunities available to major consumers of energy in Ontario to reduce their electricity costs through the Net Metering Program.

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Community-owned Wind Energy: Local Perspectives on the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm 

Community-owned wind energy offers an exciting development opportunity for communities to reduce their carbon footprint. In Norwich, ON, the Gunn’s Hill. The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm boasts ten turbines which produce a total of 18 MW of electricity – enough to power approximately 6700 homes in Woodstock and the surrounding area.

A Wind Turbine Comes Alive – Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm 

At Prowind, we truly believe in the concept of renewable energy produced and consumed at the local level. This concept includes community owned projects, partnership projects, and net-metering projects. We seek to engage with local partners who represent the sustainable interests of their community from multiple vantage points: residential, indigenous, business, municipal, and others.