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At Prowind, we believe commuinities are some the strongest and most influential voices of support in renewable energy projects. A true reflection of community-owned energy, Prowind seeks to ensure the benefits of hosting a renewable energy generation facility remain within the local economy. When communities own energy projects, they are engaged fully throughout the development process, and our common interests will lead to joint success.

Prowind believes the best process for this is open communication from the beginning. We want to ensure full transparency among the project participants and a positive environment is created for all.

  • in establishing and organizing a community owned cooperative.
  • in the preparation of the tender documents.
  • in the bid strategy related to a respective project.
  • with over 15 years of project experience for an efficient and legally secure approval process.
  • by leading project development.
  • through the provision of financial resources.
  • by building renewable energy facility as a turnkey project
  • sharing ownership with landowners and members of the community.
  • by coordinating all decisions with the community.

From landowners, indigenous groups, communities, and local businesses, everyone has a voice in our projects.

Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm

Community Owned Green Energy.

Quick Facts

Project Start Date: January 2008
Project Location: Township of Norwich, Oxford County, Ontario
Project Size: 18 MW (10 turbines)
Project Map: PDF [433 KB]
Project website: www.gunnshillwind.ca

Community-owned wind energy offers an exciting development opportunity for communities to reduce their carbon footprint. In Norwich, ON, the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm provides Oxford County with clean energy and community benefits. The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm boasts ten turbines which produce a total of 18 MW of electricity – enough to power approximately 6700 homes in Woodstock and the surrounding area.

Through a unique partnership model developed by Prowind, the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm is jointly owned by Prowind, the Oxford Community Energy Co-operative, and the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation. Culminating over seven years of hard work from all partners, the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm began operations in November of 2016.

Through public consultation with the surrounding communities and indigenous communities who hold treaty rights to the land, Prowind was able to plan, develop, construct, and operate the wind farm in an environmentally, socially, and fiscally responsible manner. As the developer of the project, Prowind coordinated efforts between various authorities, landowners, contractors, and partners in order to ensure a smooth and successful experience. The project provides not only a stable source of income for landowners, but contributes to a community vibrancy fund, various student bursaries, as well as the creation of approximately 200 jobs throughout the development and construction process.


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CountryProjectEnergy TypMachine TypTotal Capacity (MW)
CanadaGunn’s HillWindSenvion MM92 (1,8MW)18.0
Canada South BranchWindSiemens SWT 3.0 (3MW)30.0 (sold at construction)
GermanyBad Bentheim WindEnercon E44 (0,6MW)0.6
GermanyWesterkappeln WindNEG Micon (1,0 MW) 2.0
GermanyEmsdettenWindSudwind S70 (1,5MW) 3.0
GermanyEmsdetten – VeltrupWindVestas V80 (2MW)16.0
GermanyEmsdetten – SaerbeckWindVestas V80 (2MW)6.0
GermanyWettringen – BilkWindVestas V80 (2MW) 10.0
GermanyBad BentheimWindVestas V80 (2MW) 4.0
GermanyOchtrupWindVestas V80 (2MW) 4.0
GermanyRiesenbeck – BirgteWindVestas V80 (2MW) 8.0
GermanyHilgermissen IIWind Vestas V52 (0,85MW)0.85
GermanySchweringen IIWindVestas V80 (2MW)2.0
GermanyHilgermissen IWindVestas V80 (2MW)2.0
GermanySchweringen I WindVestas V80 (2MW)6.0
GermanyHilgermissen – MitteWindGE 1.5 sl (1,5MW)3.0
GermanyIntschedeWindGE 1.5 sl (1,5MW) 3.0
GermanyLadbergenWindREpower MM82 (2MW)6.0
GermanySebbenhausenWindVestas V80 (2MW)8.0
GermanySendenhorst WindGE 2.3 (2,3MW)11.5
GermanySaerbeck – Im SchlattWindREpower MM82 (2,0MW)8.0
GermanySendenhorstWindGE 1.5 sl (1,5MW)3.0
GermanyAblassWindEnercon E70 (2,3MW)4.6
GermanyOchtrup IIWindVestas V90 (2,0MW)2.0
GermanyEmsdetten – VeltrupWindGE 2.5 (2,5MW)20.0
GermanyLippetalWindEnercon E82 E2 (2,3MW)9.2
GermanyMerzenWindGE 2.5 (2,5MW)10.0
GermanyNennhausenBiogasDreyerBosse (1,25MW) 3.0
GermanySoestBiogasSchnell (0,25MW)0.75
GermanySchorfheideBiogasSchnell (0,25MW) 1.0
GermanyNennhausenBiogasDeutz (0,5MW) 2.0
GermanyGlandorfWindGE 2.75 (2,75MW)10.0