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At Prowind, we believe commuinities are some the strongest and most influential voices of support in renewable energy projects. A true reflection of community-owned energy, Prowind seeks to ensure the benefits of hosting a renewable energy generation facility remain within the local economy. When communities own energy projects, they are engaged fully throughout the development process, and our common interests will lead to joint success.

Prowind believes the best process for this is open communication from the beginning. We want to ensure full transparency among the project participants and a positive environment is created for all.

  • in establishing and organizing a community owned cooperative.
  • in the preparation of the tender documents.
  • in the bid strategy related to a respective project.
  • with over 15 years of project experience for an efficient and legally secure approval process.
  • by leading project development.
  • through the provision of financial resources.
  • by building renewable energy facility as a turnkey project
  • sharing ownership with landowners and members of the community.
  • by coordinating all decisions with the community.

From landowners, indigenous groups, communities, and local businesses, everyone has a voice in our projects.


Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm

Community Owned Green Energy.

Quick Facts

Project Start Date: January 2008
Project Location: Township of Norwich, Oxford County, Ontario
Project Size: 18 MW (10 turbines)
Project Map: PDF [433 KB]
Project website: www.gunnshillwind.ca

Community-owned wind energy offers an exciting development opportunity for communities to reduce their carbon footprint. In Norwich, ON, the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm provides Oxford County with clean energy and community benefits. The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm boasts ten turbines which produce a total of 18 MW of electricity – enough to power approximately 6700 homes in Woodstock and the surrounding area.

Through a unique partnership model developed by Prowind, the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm is jointly owned by Prowind, the Oxford Community Energy Co-operative, and the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation. Culminating over seven years of hard work from all partners, the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm began operations in November of 2016.

Through public consultation with the surrounding communities and indigenous communities who hold treaty rights to the land, Prowind was able to plan, develop, construct, and operate the wind farm in an environmentally, socially, and fiscally responsible manner. As the developer of the project, Prowind coordinated efforts between various authorities, landowners, contractors, and partners in order to ensure a smooth and successful experience. The project provides not only a stable source of income for landowners, but contributes to a community vibrancy fund, various student bursaries, as well as the creation of approximately 200 jobs throughout the development and construction process.




Recent News and Announcements

Gunn’s Hill application to the OEB regarding location of electric lines – Sept 14, 2015

Gunn’s Hill has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for the approval of the location of its electric collector lines within the Norwich Township road allowance. For more information, see attached document.

OEB Application and Supporting Evidence

Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Community Liaison Committee – June 23, 2015

Gunnâ’s Hill LP will be forming a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) for the 18 MW Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm.

The CLC will act as a liaison to facilitate two way communication between Gunn’s Hill LP and the community regarding the important aspects of construction, installation, use, operation, maintenance and retirement of the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm. The CLC is a requirement of the Project’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA) and will serve as a forum to share ideas, express concerns, and to discuss ongoing updates about the Project.

The CLC is expected to meet at least four times over a two-year period, with two meetings each year. The meetings will be held at a time and location that is convenient to most members. We expect to hold our first meeting by the end of September 2015.

Additional information about the CLC can be found in the attached announcement that was published in the Woodstock Sentinel Review on June 24, 2015.

Gunn’s Hill LP is receiving applications from people in the local community that live within 1 km of the Project. If you are interested in a position on the CLC, please complete the application form below and submit as instructed on the form. All applications must be received no later than July 6, 2015 at 9:00 am.

If you have any questions about the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Community Liaison Committee, please call us at (905) 528-1747 or email us at contact@prowind.com.

Renewable Energy Approval Issued – April 9, 2015

Prowind is pleased to announce that the Renewable Energy Approval was issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on April 9, 2015. This approval was issued to GHLP General Partner Inc. (wholly owned by Prowind Canada Inc.) on behalf of Gunn’s Hill LP. The approval document can be downloaded below and the approval and decision are posted on the Environmental Registry here.

At the request of the MOECC, a Clarification Document has been prepared which details the changes that have been issued for the REA reports since their original submission in June 2013. This document also provides an update on Consultation with various government agencies, the public and Aboriginal communities since June 2013. This document is available for download below.

The full REA package is available for download below. Please note there is an updated Noise Assessment Report (V6) included below.

Approved Renewable Energy Reports for the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm

Notice of Project Change: Alternative Access Road Construction Method – January 26, 2015

A Notice of Project Change is released today to notify the Public of a technical change to the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Renewable Energy Approval (REA) Reports.

This Notice is published in the Woodstock Sentinel-Review and the Turtle Island News. It is also mailed to all landowners adjacent to and within 550 m of the Project location. It is also mailed/emailed to all Project stakeholders. The Notice can be downloaded below.

An alternative methodology for access road construction has been added as an option to the Construction Plan for the Project. The option to use cement stabilized roads has now been added to the Project scope. This option does not change any of the locations of the access roads and only allows for the construction methodology to change, if it is decided to be the best option at this site. There are no new environmental impacts as a result of this change.

The details of the new construction option as well and any change to the REA as a result of this addition to the scope can be found in the Modification Document, available for download below.

EBR Posting and Notice of Project Change – July 16, 2014

A Notice was posted to the Environmental Registry allowing a 30-day comment period for review of the updated Noise Assessment Report (REV 3) and to highlight the changes that have taken place since the REA application was originally submitted to the MOE in June 2013. This Notice has been posted in the local newspapers and can be found below.

The original REA was submitted to the MOE on June 10, 2013 with REV 1 of the Noise Assessment Report. During the review process an amended Noise Assessment Report was submitted to the MOE (REV 2), which corrected a minor administrative error to a UTM coordinate for turbine 5 resulting in a 35 m location change. This revised version of the noise assessment report was not included in the posted REA once the MOE deemed the application complete on Feb 7, 2014. Subsequent to this, another revised noise assessment report (REV 3) was given to the MOE and the public for review due to the turbine change. This was made available to the public on April 10, 2014.

The EBR post allows a window for review and comment of the REV 3 Noise Assessment Report, and REV 2 of the Noise Assessment Report has been posted as well for review. Please note that the comment period is for comments on REV 3 of the Noise Assessment Report, and the REV 2 Noise Assessment Report is posted for your information only and is no longer the applicable Noise Assessment Report for this project. REV 1 of the Noise Assessment Report is posted here as well, for comparative purposes.

The EBR post also highlights two technical changes that have been presented to the MOE since the application was submitted to the MOE originally in June 2013. Prowind has discussed these changes publicly and has advertised these changes to the public in the newspaper and on the website, but they will be summarized below again.

Overhead cable removed from project scope: On Feb 3, 2014 an advertisement was released to the public to describe a change to the project scope. The original project location included an overhead cable route that ran from the intersection of Firehall Road and Hwy 59, up to Southside Park in Woodstock. This overhead cable route was removed from the project scope as it was no longer required. The change has no negative impact to the original scope of the project and slightly reduces the overall impact of the project as this infrastructure element is being removed from the scope.

Project nameplate capacity change and turbine model change: On April 10, 2014, Prowind announced a change in turbine model to the Senvion MM92 1.88 MW machine. This came as result of a reduction in the overall nameplate capacity of the project from 25 MW to 18 MW. Ten turbines will still be used for this project, but they will each produce a smaller output. This results in quieter turbines at the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm. Prowind is excited to be working with Senvion for this project.

Please visit the Environmental Registry’s website (www.ebr.gov.on.ca) for the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project (Registry #012-1069) and follow the instructions posted there for submitting comments directly to the MOE.

Turbine Supplier Announced and Project Technical Changes – April 10, 2014

Prowind is pleased to announce that Senvion will be the turbine supplier for the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm. A deal has been struck with Senvion and permitting has now been updated to reflect this change.

The Press Release for this announcement can be found below

Senvion and Prowind Canada Press Release [128 KB]

The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm will undergo two Project technical changes as a result of the above. The wind farm will be reduced in overall output from 25 MW to 18 MW. The turbines used for the Project will be the MM92 1.88 MW. There will still be ten turbines used for this project, but they will be reduced in overall dimensions and sound power level. The Project will be limited to a power output of 18 MW at the switching station. The Notice of Proposed Change for a Renewable Energy Project can be downloaded below.

Notice of Proposed Change [157 KB]

These changes have been summarized in a Modification Report which has been accepted by the MOE. The Modification Report outlines changes to the REA as a result of these technical changes. The Modification Report includes an updated Turbine Specifications Report and an updated Noise Assessment Report.

The Modification Report, which includes the Turbine Specifications Report and the Noise Assessment Report can be downloaded below

Modification Report [1.6 MB]

Renewable Energy Approval Posted to Environmental Registry – February 7, 2014

Prowind Canada Inc. on behalf of Gunn’s Hill Windfarm Inc. is pleased to announce that the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Renewable Energy Approval application has been deemed complete by the Ministry of the Environment. The application is now in the technical review phase and has been posted to the Environmental Registry. The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) is accepting comments on this application until March 24, 2014 that will be considered in the decision-making process for the project. Please visit the Environmental Registry’s website (www.ebr.gov.on.ca) for the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project (Registry #012-1069) to make a comment directly to the MOE with respect to this proposal.

If you have any comments to provide to Prowind Canada directly, please email us at contact@prowind.com or call us at 905-528-1747.

Notice of Proposed Project Change – February 3, 2014

A Notice has been released describing a proposed change to the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project.

The majority of the overhead cable is being removed from the project scope. The project was originally proposed to have an overhead electrical cable extend from the substation on Firehall Road, along County Road 59, into the City of Woodstock and connect to the Woodstock TS in Southside Park. The overhead cable is no longer a necessary piece of project infrastructure and is being removed from the project scope as a result of a connection point change from Hydro One. The Notice can be downloaded below and contains a map that depicts this change.

This change does not pose any additional impacts; this change reduces the impacts of the project, as infrastructure is being removed from the scope and nothing new is proposed.

The Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport have been notified of this project change and have no additional concerns or comments.

The Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm is no longer proposed to be located on any City of Woodstock lands. Those residents located along the previously proposed overhead electrical cable will no longer receive any correspondence regarding the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm beyond this Notice unless requested. Please contact Prowind Canada to be added to the mailing list to continue to receive project correspondence if you live outside the revised project scope consultation area.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact the Prowind Canada office.

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CountryProjectEnergy TypMachine TypTotal Capacity (MW)
CanadaGunn’s HillWindSenvion MM92 (1,8MW)18.0
Canada South BranchWindSiemens SWT 3.0 (3MW)30.0 (sold at construction)
GermanyBad Bentheim WindEnercon E44 (0,6MW)0.6
GermanyWesterkappeln WindNEG Micon (1,0 MW) 2.0
GermanyEmsdettenWindSudwind S70 (1,5MW) 3.0
GermanyEmsdetten – VeltrupWindVestas V80 (2MW)16.0
GermanyEmsdetten – SaerbeckWindVestas V80 (2MW)6.0
GermanyWettringen – BilkWindVestas V80 (2MW) 10.0
GermanyBad BentheimWindVestas V80 (2MW) 4.0
GermanyOchtrupWindVestas V80 (2MW) 4.0
GermanyRiesenbeck – BirgteWindVestas V80 (2MW) 8.0
GermanyHilgermissen IIWind Vestas V52 (0,85MW)0.85
GermanySchweringen IIWindVestas V80 (2MW)2.0
GermanyHilgermissen IWindVestas V80 (2MW)2.0
GermanySchweringen I WindVestas V80 (2MW)6.0
GermanyHilgermissen – MitteWindGE 1.5 sl (1,5MW)3.0
GermanyIntschedeWindGE 1.5 sl (1,5MW) 3.0
GermanyLadbergenWindREpower MM82 (2MW)6.0
GermanySebbenhausenWindVestas V80 (2MW)8.0
GermanySendenhorst WindGE 2.3 (2,3MW)11.5
GermanySaerbeck – Im SchlattWindREpower MM82 (2,0MW)8.0
GermanySendenhorstWindGE 1.5 sl (1,5MW)3.0
GermanyAblassWindEnercon E70 (2,3MW)4.6
GermanyOchtrup IIWindVestas V90 (2,0MW)2.0
GermanyEmsdetten – VeltrupWindGE 2.5 (2,5MW)20.0
GermanyLippetalWindEnercon E82 E2 (2,3MW)9.2
GermanyMerzenWindGE 2.5 (2,5MW)10.0
GermanyNennhausenBiogasDreyerBosse (1,25MW) 3.0
GermanySoestBiogasSchnell (0,25MW)0.75
GermanySchorfheideBiogasSchnell (0,25MW) 1.0
GermanyNennhausenBiogasDeutz (0,5MW) 2.0
GermanyGlandorfWindGE 2.75 (2,75MW)10.0

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