What is Net Metering and How does it Work?

Competitive Cost Savings through Clean Energy Generation

Net metering is the process through which electricity consumers generate their own electricity on-site using a renewable energy source. Users are able to send excess power generated back to the grid, allowing the receipt of credits towards your electricity bills to be used when electricity needs to be pulled from the grid in times of low power generation on-site.

Local utilities are required to accept a certain level of net metered energy production, and many utilities are encouraging the installation of net metered renewable energy at higher levels than the minimum required. We will work with you and organize all required permitting and stakeholder engagements in order to help you achieve your financial goals and sustainability targets.

Not only does net metering allow you to better control the electricity usage on-site, but it will save you money in the long run. Given the continued increasing costs of electricity in Ontario, generating electricity through renewable power generation allows customers to accurately predict their electricity costs over the life of the technology, while generating electricity at a lower cost than traditional electricity consumption over time. As such, we encourage interested organizations to reach out to us; we’re here to help you and your organization take control of your electricity bills.

  • O.Reg. 541/05 states that any user of electricity in the province of Ontario is eligible to own their own renewable energy generator and use electricity produced from that source on-site.

  • Any excess electricity is fed into the electrical grid and credited to the owner’s account to be used within one year.

  • Any demand beyond what the wind turbine(s) and/or solar panels is producing at that moment can be pulled from the grid, using up previously earned credits.

  • Renewable energy will not have any negative impact on the reliability of your electricity, due to the ability of the local utility to balance it with electricity from the grid.

Program Description and Eligibility

Generate Electricity On-site and Take Control of Your Electricity Bills

Through our Net Metering Program in Ontario, you can:

  • own a wind turbine and/or solar panels on your site that produces electricity for your business
  • install a renewable energy system for use on-site, which offers competitive cost savings for your business throughout the life of the system
  • be provided with an operational wind turbine and/or solar energy system on a turnkey basis for a fixed price
  • flexibly establish a Power Purchase Agreement with lower electricity rates than your current payments
  • be provided with various financing options that require minimal up-front capital costs

In order to qualify for a solar energy system through this program, you should be:

  • connected to the distribution system, and not a transmission customer
  • wanting to gain control of your rising electricity costs
  • trying to meet sustainability goals or improve your image as a green company

In addition to the above criteria, you may apply for a wind energy system if you meet any of the criteria below:

  • you are located in an industrial area and away from residential areas
  • your electricity usage is in excess of 4500 MWh per year


Infinite Benefits, Manageable Costs

  • Long-term financial savings throughout the life of the renewable energy system

  • Your facility can claim up to 100% renewable energy power generation

  • Allows you to control your electricity costs over the next 20-25 years

  • Fosters energy independence and self-sustaining energy production

  • We will analyze your electricity bills free of charge

  • Cost savings offer the ability to redirect those funds towards other areas of your successful business

  • Siting renewable energy infrastructure in industrial areas is simple, and your logo can be visible kilometers away

  • Generates visibility within the local community

  • Renewable energy produces some of the cheapest new electricity generation available today

  • Allows you to stand out as an industry leader in sustainability by switching to renewable energy for all your electricity needs

  • Assists in achieving company-wide sustainability goals

  • Creates marketing benefits on a global scale

  • Offers an opportunity to be a green community member and responsible corporate citizen


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