Project Development

Harvesting Profits from a Greenfield

What begins on a green field should always lead to profitability through sustainability. That is why we take great care in ensuring each project operates efficiently. From planning and project development, through financing and the construction process, to the long-term operation of wind energy facilities, Prowind offers professional and skilled expertise for the development and operation of successful renewable energy projects.

Each clean energy project is developed with the utmost respect for the community and the environment. In every project, we strive to achieve the following:

  • economic success
  • reliable, safe developments
  • ecological prosperity
  • valuable partnerships
  • collaborative, sustainable growth

Our Development: Expertise from Start to Finish

Our work begins well before the first ground-breaking. We draw from a comprehensive range of services which include, but are not limited to:

  • site identification
  • project design
  • emission control
  • structuring of partnerships
  • project and environmental permitting
  • legal expertise in contractual agreements
  • financing strategies
  • construction oversight
  • operations management

Our motivation is higher than any wind turbine, which is why we work hard to ensure quality results. We are keen to pursue the interests of a strong community, so we seek out opportunities for collaboration with community groups, industrial operators, and indigenous communities. Together with your consultation, we will bring commercially and technically sound renewable energy projects to life.

Project Management

Technical Management:

We Manage the Entire Project So You Don’t Have To

  • Given on our vast range of technical development services available, we will manage the entire project from site identification to operational management to project decommissioning.
  • With over 30 community-scale projects built and over 200 MW of renewable electricity installed, Prowind has the expertise to manage renewable energy projects through every step of the process.
  • Our Technical Development team offers a highly skilled approach to project development in order to ensure all of our projects are developed and constructed efficiently, soundly, and successfully.

Commercial Management:

Financial Security for You and Your Community

  • We ensure optimal financial security and returns from all of our renewable energy projects.
  • Contractual negotiations regarding permitting, purchase agreements, maintenance, and partnerships, among others, are taken into account from the very beginning.
  • We always try to find ways to maximize purchase agreements and make strong financial returns an integral part of our commercial management.
  • We own and operate all of our projects, so we work hard to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for all project partners.

Project Financing

Our Financing: Controlled Risk & Optimized Returns

All of our projects are beneficial for sustaining the natural environment. But what about you and your project? Which financing is the right one? Which level of participation makes sense? However you want to participate in a project, we offer continuous transparency and fairness to all of our partners.

When it Comes Time to Secure Financing:

  • We select the most favorable form of financing for each project.
  • We always look to structure sensible financing.
  • We secure the terms of financing.
  • We take care of the entire payment process.

We Offer a Variety of Project Participation Strategies:

  • Flexible participation possibilities, individually tailored to each project.
  • Securing control for your holdings, so that your finances are safe.