Project development

Harvesting Profits from a Greenfield

What begins on a green field should always lead to profitable numbers. That is why we take great care in ensuring each project operates efficiently. From planning and project development, through financing and the construction process, to the long-term operation of wind energy facilities, Prowind offers professional and competent expertise. By owning each project throughout the many phases of development, and managing it by a single team, we ensure a smooth experience for all partners involved.

Each clean energy project is developed with the utmost respect for the community and the environment – this is a goal Prowind strives to achieve in every project.

Therefore, for every project we work towards:

  • economic prosperity
  • safety
  • ecological responsibility
  • a joint vision for a sustainable future
  • honest partnerships

Our Development:

Thoroughly Planned Before Projects Begin.

Our work begins well before the first ground-breaking. We draw from a comprehensive range of services which include, but are not limited to:

  • site identification
  • project design
  • structuring of partnerships
  • legal expertise in contractual agreements
  • financing strategies
  • project permitting

Project planning

Our Design:

Efficient Planning Leading to High Quality Results.

Every green energy project requires careful planning and invovlement of various stakeholders.

At Prowind, we often manage to keep the design process as brief as possible. With Prowind, you can rely on the highest quality and experience which is ensured by our complete range of services for planning a renewable energy project.

We cover all relevant topics including:

  • contract negotiations
  • conceptualizing potential projects in your community
  • leading legal approval process
  • environmental impact assessment
  • emission control

Project realization

Highly Experienced in Complex Projects

Our motivation is higher than any wind turbine; this is how we ensure quality results. The construction management for each wind project is highly complex and must be organized precisely down to the smallest detail. Therefore, we take over the construction management during the entire construction of the project including scouting land, tendering, and financing. The construction itself is carried out by trustworthy service providers, who are our long-term partners.

It is crucial to coordinate many different activities at the same time, between various companies and suppliers. This includes, for example, the early planning of the access road to the construction of wind turbine technology. This ensures that the heavy load crane – with which the tower segments and the nacelle of a wind turbine are to be lifted – is ready for use on the spot.

We Perform Our Work On Site.

Renewable energy projects can only be successfully carried out in close collaboration with all those involved. We prefer to work with local companies to ensure smooth implementation and a shared local benefit of the installed clean energy.


Our Management:

Technically and Commercially Sound.

We are keen to pursue the interests of a strong community. Therefore, we always operate our own facilities together with the local landowners and the members of the community. We believe sustainability can only be guaranteed in the long term by continuously monitoring our projects throughout the lifespan of the project. Together with your consultation, we will gladly take over the technical and commercial aspects of the operation management.

Technical Management:

We Manage the Entire Project So You Don’t Have To.

  • Our operators are trained professionals who can quickly reach any of our facilities. They start their work as soon as the turbines have been completed and the date of commissioning has been successfully achieved.
  • Regular on-site inspections are as much part of the day-to-day business as the coordination of maintenance and repair work.
  • We guarantee the optimum and timely maintenance of our systems.

Commercial Management:

Financial Security for You and Your Community.

  • We ensure optimal financial security and returns from renewable energy projects.
  • Contractual negotiations regarding maintenance (with the manufacturer) and feed-in tariffs (with the current collector) are taken into account right from the start.
  • We always try to find ways to maximize feed-in tariffs and make it an integral part of our commercial management.


Our Financing:

Controlled Risk, Yet Full of Possibilities.

Each of our projects is beneficial for sustaining the natural environment. But what about you and your project? Which financing is the right one? Which level of participation makes sense? However you want to participate in a project, we promise this: we guarantee transparency and fairness.

When it Comes Time to Secure Financing:

  • we select the most favorable form of financing for each project
  • we always look to structure sensible financing
  • we secure the terms of financing
  • we take care of the entire payment process

We Offer a Variety of Project Participation Strategies:

  • flexible participation possibilities, individually tailored to each project.
  • securing control for your holdings, so that your finances are safe.
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