This Global Wind Day, We’re Celebrating You

On June 15 every year, those in the renewable energy industry as well as those in the broader environmental movement, celebrate Global Wind Day. With the rise in installation and operation of wind energy facilities on a global level, the renewable energy revolution is not just a future prediction by energy scientists—it’s happening now, and it’s happening fast.

According to the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) the cost of wind energy has fallen 67% in the past nine years, making it one of the most affordable sources of energy available today. With costs declining to the extent that they have been, new wind energy is now more affordable than any new fossil fuel technology.

Wind energy offers unique benefits to communities that many other forms of electricity generation do not. Firstly, they utilize a clean source of fuel, one that does not produce toxic emissions. Secondly, wind turbines have a very small footprint, which allows landowners to continue using their land for its intended purpose. Thirdly, wind energy requires little maintenance work compared to other forms of energy generation and the turbines generally have a 25-year lifetime.

Wind energy also offers increased property tax revenue for local municipalities and regions, while also offering long-term fixed payments for those landowners who host energy infrastructure (which includes turbines, cabling, switchyard equipment, etc). Local businesses, contractors, and labourers benefit from the development and construction of wind farms through increased opportunities for local employment.

Given the various benefits offered by the development of wind energy, it was only inevitable that wind technology be adopted around the world. By installing cost effective, clean sourced energy, communities all over the world are embracing wind.

At Prowind, we’re proud to contribute to the continued growth of renewables all over the world. We’ve built over 33 renewable energy projects worldwide, and have utilized wind, solar, and biogas technologies. Here in Canada, our Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm alone provides clean power to approximately 6700 homes in Ontario. That power equates to the planting of 242,601 trees and the avoidance of over 5,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

So this Global Wind Day, we want to emphasize the importance of you, because we recognize the significant role of communities and the immense contributions you make to the renewable energy industry. At Prowind, we strive to offer opportunities for local ownership of renewable energy facilities, which allows communities to become closely involved in sustainable development in their own backyards.

We hope to show communities around the world that local ownership of energy generation is possible, and we’re here to help them do just that. Through collaboration with communities, local businesses, municipalities, and indigenous communities, Prowind values the knowledge and experience of each local stakeholder and we strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders. We want to show communities that renewable energy offers a myriad of environmental, financial, and social benefits. So here’s to you, and here’s to a future that is clean, affordable, and available to all.