Oxford Community Solar One LP Announces Commencement of Construction on Four Community-Owned Solar Projects

WOODSTOCK, ON – Prowind Canada Inc. (“Prowind”), the Oxford Community Energy Co-operative (“OCEC”), and Arntjen Solar North-America Inc. (“Arntjen Solar”) are pleased to announce the commencement of construction on four community-owned solar projects located in the City of Woodstock. The four solar projects are owned by the Oxford Community Solar One LP, which is a Limited Partnership comprised of Oxford Community Renewable Energy Partners Inc., Prowind, OCEC, and Arntjen Solar, and generate electricity under the Independent Electricity Systems Operator’s (“IESO”) Feed-in-Tariff Program.

Construction has begun on the first of the four solar projects which are all located in Woodstock, ON and will have a total installed capacity of 1.2 MW. The projects are expected to generate enough electricity to provide power to approximately 300 homes in the surrounding area. Three of the four projects are located on rooftops while the fourth is ground-mounted.

Construction on the first of the four solar projects began in August 2017, and is scheduled to be completed in September 2017. The final solar project, the only ground-mounted project, is scheduled to be completed in August 2018, with the remaining two rooftop projects scheduled to be completed by late 2017. Commissioning of the projects is expected to occur shortly after the completion of construction, which will allow the projects to begin generating electricity for the surrounding community.